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Music production & Recording Studio

Music production

Revital Music

We produce, record, compose and arrange music for TV shows, artists, advertising and film scoring. 

We love our job. We are good and fast, creative and perfectionists. We carefully manage every aspect of the music creation.
There is no impossible job or deadline we can´t meet. And we adapt to every need and budget.

Our team includes the best international session musicians, arrangers and Grammy winners mixing and mastering engineers.
We also work with the best orchestra players and specialise in  strings arrangements.

After this presentation, we would be very interested in making great music for your projects.

Music Production

Music for television

Our studio has produced music for at least 20 top audience TV shows for major TV companies and networks.
We have been highly exposed to media and TV at the most successful music Talent Show “Operación Triunfo”.

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Artists production

I like working with the artists, getting the best of them and accompanying them in the creative process. I think producing is helping to find their own sound, and contributing with your experience, from the purely artistic to the strictly technical. What is recorded is not only the sound, but the emotion. And go all the way. To be able to release that work and that the world can listen to it.

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  • - Productions – Reel #2
  • - Productions – Reel #3
  • - Productions – Reel #4
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Music solutions for events

Production and management of music projects

We design and manage any musical solution for small and large events.
Customized music ensembles and creative activities related to music.

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productora musical

“Each production, each project, each recording is a different world in which I like to get completely involved. Sometimes it is not necessary to go around, but to listen to instinct and trust the experience that the years have given me to be able to achieve the best version of what it can be.

I have lived through many eras of music, and I have learned that the most important thing is to convey the essence of the artist or the emotion behind an idea. Share creative spaces and contribute to each other.

And enjoy the road. Have the right human team and optimise resources. Do a great job, with a perfectionist attitude. Reach the end. Make it concrete, manifest it. Make it happen and get the result to go even further than you had expected”

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